Fire Cam 4K WIFI

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The BRAND NEW Fire Cam 4K WIFI Fire Helmet Camera® is the newest high definition firefighter helmet cam that unleashes the power of a new Sony lens and the power of filming 1080 @ 60 fps for unbelievable slow motion videos. This new camera also harnesses a much better low light sensor bringing night time videos to an all new clarity. Out of all of the Fire Cam's, the Fire Cam 4K is by far the best on the market and is a must have for any Firefighter, Fire Department and other public safety personnel such as Police Tactical Teams. With built in wifi, the camera's settings can be controlled directly thru your smartphone. The app is available in the Google Playstore and the Apple App store. When you launch the app on your phone it will let you control the following on your camera:

Preview the live video
Change Video Resolution
Loop Record Option
Change Video Segment Time
Select Audio ON/OFF
Select Date Time Stamp ON/OFF
Select Auto Power ON/OFF
Format SD card

Other Features:

*Higher Quality Sony 4Ki HD Sensor for amazing video at 1080@60 fps

*A wide angle view

*Absolute BEST in low light conditions

*Optional date and time stamp option on the video

The Fire Cam 4K WIFI is Specifically designed for interior firefighting. Built by firefighters, the camera is made of heat resistant anodized aluminum with a heat resistant glass lens. The camera can take on temperatures upwards to 900F for short periods of time. It is not recommended for training burn buildings or flashover buildings where firefighters sustain high heat temperatures for long periods of time while observing fire behavior. It is designed for interior firefighters that suppress fire conditions and cool the fire. However, if your camera's components accidentally get damaged in a fire, you are covered for one FREE replacement during the first year. This warranty only applies to customers who purchase directly from Fire Cam unless a distributor of Fire Cam otherwise specifies. We are the only camera manufacturer that offers this type of warranty.