excellance type 1 ambulance
An Excellance Emergency Vehicle is designed to provide many years of reliable service. Once the chassis is no longer economical to operate, the module is easily transferred to a new chassis. When we remount your Excellance unit, the 25-year structural warranty is renewed.
Customers large and small alike have discovered the extra value of remounting their Excellance vehicle versus buying cheaper vehicles every few years. A very high percentage of Excellance modules are remounted, and many 10-20 year old modules having been remounted multiple times and are still providing trouble-free service.

Unlike most manufacturers, Excellance is unique in that it provides a comprehensive range of remounting services ranging from simple chassis replacement to extensive refurbishment and remodeling of the module. All work is done entirely within our facilities. Skilled craftsmen work in strict compliance to KKK and FMVSS engineering requirements. To ensure that your vehicle will perform beyond your expectations, each remounted vehicle undergoes an extensive Quality Assurance and Testing Process that is exactly the same as what we use for our newly-manufactured vehicles.

Excellance not only remounts the modular bodies it manufactures but also remounts select other brands of vehicles depending upon its age, quality, and engineering limitations. Many of our customers tell us these “other” vehicles look better when we are finished with them than when the vehicle was purchased new.

Some of the typical work we perform includes:
  • Conversion of Type III modules to Type I chassis
  • Changes from one brand of chassis to another brand
  • Changing modules to fit on larger GVWR chassis
  • Accident and body damage repairs
  • Complete electrical system replacement
  • Interior and exterior compartment modifications
  • Complete refinish, repainting, and graphics
  • New suspensions
  • New warning lights and sirens/speakers
  • HVAC system replacements and upgrades
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